Oil is a "fossil fuel"? Maybe not.

The National Review's Planet Gore blog points out today that an article in this month's Science Magazine (which The FDC points out is a "peer-reviewed general-science journal"), shows that oil may not be made up of dead dinosaurs as most of us believed.

Unbeknownst to many (excluding The FDC) there are two competing theories about how oil and natural gas is created:
  1. Biogenic (the "fossil fuel" theory): Oil is created by the compression and chemical changes in the remains of biological organisms over centuries or millenia.

  2. Abiogenic: Oil is created by chemical changes in carbon in the earth's mantle.
Although both theories have been around a long time, the biogenic theory became CW.

The Science Mag article concludes that:

"Our findings illustrate that the abiotic synthesis of hydrocarbons in nature may occur in the presence of ultramafic rocks, water, and moderate amounts of heat."
This article will doubtless inspire more study, and if it is found to be fact will likely drastically change where oil exploration is taking place. The Peak Oil movement will be nervously looking on, and preparing their spin. The FDC believes that the Peak Oil theory is a bunch of hooey, and that subject will be covered here in future posts.

Who knows? Maybe an oil rig will be coming to your backyard, and help you send your kids to college.

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