No Tomatoes Were Thrown

So that was good news for John McCain as he delivered his CPAC speech today. The speech was relatively well received, but expectations were so low, it wasn't too hard for McCain to pleasantly surprise many observers and pundits. McCain has started the process of winning over the base, but he's got a long way to go (and many will never be converted). The good news for McCain is he has nine months to work on this project. A political eternity.

The FDC thought the speech was about as good of a performance that one could ever hope to get out of McCain, and yes he seemed sincere to this observer, and he reinforced our view on McCain posted here recently.

McCain's team must have worked on several drafts of the speech, because it was completely different than the supposed final draft obtained by Rick Moran over at The Right Wing Nuthouse. (Wink -wink.)

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