Al Qaeda stoops to a new savage low

The FDC is greatly influenced by The Great Communicator, and makes a concerted effort for the blog to reflect the good spirit and optimism exuded by Ronaldus Magnus. However, we interupt this blog for a short rant:

Linked on Drudge today was news that Al-Qaeda used remote control (BASTARDS!) explosives strapped to two women with Downs Syndrome to kill at least 70 in a market in Baghdad.

"...the women were apparently unaware of what they were doing...."

Some opponents of the war will say, "see the surge is not working", while putting aside the fact that this a dispicable and inhumane act by savages who are running out of "brave" male jihadists that don't want to blow themselves up in a losing effort.

We now return to the regular good will and optimism normally exhibited in the blog.

One more thing. If you wish, contribute to the National Downs Syndrome Society here.

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