Life is good & getting better all the time! #1

The FDC firmly believes that life is good, it's getting better all the time, and despite temporary setbacks, life will continue to get better for the foreseeable future.

Exhibit #1:

The WSJ online Editorial Page is now FREE. Formally, The WSJ had offered the online "Opinion Journal" (a small daily sample of the Editorial Page) for free, and full access to the entire Editorial Page when you paid for an annual subscription.

Rather than cry about lost revenue, the editors were smart enough to note that it's another example of "creative destruction" that benefits all of us.

How does this make life better? For past subscribers, it saves them at least $79 per year that they can invest, donate to charity, or blow in Vegas. For current non-subscribers, it gives them greater access to more knowledge and ideas. The Journal benefits by gaining a wider readership, and increased advertising revenue.

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