I want my jet pack!

Jessica E. Vascellaro, on the future of technology, writes in today's Wall Street Journal:

"Let's get this out of the way first -- in the next 10 years, no one will travel to work by jet pack or have robot maids that serve dinner. But technology will continue to transform the rituals of everyday life -- sometimes in startling ways."

Whadchoo talkin' about Jessica?! "The Future" promised me a jet pack, and I'm getting tired of waiting for it. You can keep your robotic maid, I just want my jet pack. Ever since The FDC was a small child he's dreamed of jetting around the neighborhood in a jet pack, just like James Bond.

Jessica, have you not seen the videos. Jet packs are here! I haven't seen them at the local sporting goods store or car dealerships, but you must be able to get them somewhere! In fact, you can get them here. It's the Jet Pack T-73. Due to be released early to mid 2008. Pre-orders being taken now. Jet-A fuel (bet that leaves a serious carbon footprint). 83 mph. Retail price is $200,000 (including training). Which means I'll be able to pick one up at my local Costco for only about $135,000.

Ms. Jessica goes on about "The Future" and describes some gadgets that would make George Jetson drool, and also predicts that HD television screens are going to get even more high def. If this is the case, then in "The Future", real life will look fuzzy. So The FDC predicts that the engineers at Sony will probably come up with HD glasses that everyone will wear, and your whole life will occur in high def - which will lead to boom times for the purveyors of pimple and wrinkle remedies.

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